Are You Ready to Have Your Feelings on Paper?


Have you ever seen those buskers who sit on a street corner with a typewriter and a sign that says “I’ll write you a poem about anything for $5”? Have you ever wanted to write something meaningful, for your eyes only or for someone else, but didn’t know where to start?

Then let me help you!

I have been writing heartfelt poems, prose, and songs for over a decade. I have experience with hearing someone else’s feelings and thoughts about a person or situation and crafting the perfect poem or song for them. Tell me what’s going on in your brain and in your life, and I will write a piece that thoughtfully plants your experience on the page. It could be the perfect gift for someone you love, or the perfect gift for yourself.


“Thank you, Shelby, for writing that beautiful song for me to gift my love and sister for life. She is moving to New Zealand tomorrow, and I sang it for her. It still touches our hearts, and I wanted to share with you that your beauty and love ripples through the world.” – Candy Bail

[Pricing is on an individual basis, depending on the format of the piece and number of words the piece contains. Please get in touch with me if you need anything written that you simply feel you cannot write yourself!]

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